Magnetic Wall Boaed - My City


The city: a real playground for children! Recreate a city thanks to the combination of three magnetic boards in the shape of a house. An ideal play area for your child who can interact with it without limits. It can be installed in a few minutes and above all... it can be personalised as much as you like!

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Easy to install, fix the boards at child height so that your child can display his or her most beautiful drawings and use it as a play area. Your child can use magnetic puzzles, magnets to tell stories, magnetic colouring. They can also display their best drawings or photos and write or draw on them with a liquid chalk marker or a Woody Stabilo pencil available on our website.

Dimensions of the magnetic board "my city": 163 cm x 81 cm. Thickness 0,6mm (House 1: 60x62cm, House 2: 41x81cm, House 3: 60x79cm)

Our magnetic board kit "My city" contains :

  •  3 flexible magnetic boards in the shape of a house.
  • 68 colourful geometric magnet shapes to play with
  • 8 round white magnets (diam 27 mm) suitable for young children

The Magnetic Board Kit “My City” is sent in a rectangular cardboard tube. You will find all the accessories inside: magnetic game, magnets and 3 magnetic house boards.

HOW TO FIX MY MAGNETIC BOARD: No DIY required! The magnetic board is flexible. It is very easy to position thanks to a self-adhesive system. It can be removed just as easily without damaging your wall.


  • To remove your board from the wall, start at the top and pull very gently downwards.
  • If you want to use it again later, keep the protective film of the adhesive to stick the board back on and store it in a dust-free place.


  • Magnetic boards should be placed on a clean wall.
  • Use a smooth cloth or a slightly damp microfiber to clean your magnetic boards.
  • If you wish to remove them from your wall, gently peel them off from the top and pull them downwards.
  • If you want to use it again later, keep the protective films of the adhesive to stick the boards back on and store them in a dust-free place.
  • We do not recommend the use of chalk as this can mark the board. We recommend the use of liquid chalk markers or a Woody Stabilo pencil.


  • Easy to install, without glue, holes or screws
  • Repositionable boards
  • Receives all types of magnets (to create and imagine a unique decoration)
  • Slate type board on which you can draw with liquid chalk or Woody Stabilo pens
  • Sold as a kit for immediate use